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What do you want to use your map for?

The use of your map is going to determine the features present on the map. A farm or lake property might have been in the family for generations. Often these maps contain property bounds, aerial photography, trails digitized, homestead locations, or even family pictures. These maps usually are mounted in a frame and kept in a cabin or at home.

For others a Bismarck Map will help them in the process in selling or even purchasing property. Maps for selling or developing a property will have parcel / lot boundaries, aerial imagery, if present river or streams digitized, lot ID, dimensions, and acreages labeled, and other pertinent information a prospective buyer would want to know when making the decision to purchase. People who are looking to buy land often want to see the property bounds digitized with aerial photography and other information they have collected or available from us that will assist them in making the right decision.

A Bismarck Map can be used to help a business identify store locations or calculate delivery costs. These types of maps usually have street/road data classified with weighted lines and labeled, community locations and/or public boundaries i.e. cities, counties, states, or even countries. Some business maps are for new development in a possible brown field and require historic data combined with property bounds and aerial imagery to assist in addressing possible construction problems. In general, like business all business maps are very unique and specific to their use.

Many of our maps are used for recreational purposes. Hunting maps are very popular. These maps usually contain a combination of aerial photography, USGS topographic map features, and GPS locations like labeled deer stands, blinds, and trails. Sometimes these maps contain property bounds if hunting on private land or in some cases trying to avoid accidentally hunting on private land. Hunters will often make a large map for use back at the cabin for conversation and have small 8.5” x 11” “field maps” that contain USGS topographic features for navigation, these are especially helpful for the beginner hunter or those unfamiliar with the land. Bismarck Map Company also creates lake maps that often feature USGS topographic features and labeled lake bathymetry information when available. We at Bismarck Map Company will also combine the digital USGS topographic map data with elevation data to achieve a 3-D effect, which is particularly useful for those who have difficulty reading the elevations of contour lines. Some lakes or reservoirs were manmade and utilizing historic information such as original streambed locations is very helpful in landing the big one. Some lake maps will contain an added inset map that is at a much smaller scale showing an aerial image with lake property bounds. Other recreational maps include snowmobile trail maps, regional areas for canoeing and camping, cross county and downhill ski maps, maps for resorts featuring lake information, trail information, fishing hot spot locations, and a facilities inset map.

In the end it is really up to your imagination and our ability to make the perfect map.