Who buys your maps?

Land owners, outfitters, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, businesses, and anyone who needs high quality customized maps.


I have a property boundary dispute. Can I use your map in legally determining property bounds?

NO. The primary resource for your map data comes from public sources that are not deemed reliable to establish ownership or legal boundaries. Always consult a licensed land surveyor to determine legal boundaries for all property.


What is a legal description?

A legal description is the description of real property as used in legal documents. Usually, legal descriptions refer to recorded maps, surveys, or other public documents. These documents can be found at the county courthouse of the county to which the property resides.


Who do I speak to at the county courthouse to obtain a legal description?

In general, speak to either the county recorder or county assessor for the legal description of the property. If your county has neither of these departments ask for the county clerk and s/he will assist you in obtaining the documentation.


Do you make other kinds of custom maps?

Yes, please contact us at 1 (877) 844-MAPS and we will assist you in creating just about any type of map you desire.


How are the maps delivered?

UPS ground, UPS overnight express, or through other specified carrier.


Will you share any of my personal information?



Are there discounts for multiple map purchases?

Yes, you pay for the first map at the standard price and significantly lower price for each additional copy depending on the type of map ordered.


Are the USGS DRGs and derived contours accurate?

Yes and No. All map information that Bismarck Map Company, USGS, and other vendors who are not licensed surveyors will always have a certain amount of error. Unless you get survey grade information developed for your property you can always assume some legitimate error from 3 feet up.


How much error is in one of your maps?

Error can vary in a map with a legal description digitized. There are many dependencies that could cause a property line to be close to exact or far from exact. Location of section corners, recorders office typing an error, etc…With a USGS 1:24,000 digital topographic image (DRG) information on the map could have been updated this year, last year, or 20 years ago. So what you see or what it tells you may not always be the case. What we can tell you is that our maps contain the best available information. At no time should our maps be relied upon to establish legal title, boundary lines, or locations of improvements. In our opinion any map that is not created from a licensed surveyor or civil engineer should be questioned for accuracy and used in proper context.